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Children's Day Celebration

Dusshera & Eid Celebration

Varshikotsav - 2007

Independence Day Celebration

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Investiture Ceremony

Farewell Ceremony Report


Investiture Ceremony


Investiture Ceremony of Red Rose School, Berasia Road was held in the School premises on 28th July, 2007. The function began with the lighting of the lamp followed by wel come of the Chief Guest, the School foundress Mrs. Manjula Ponda The students who took the Oath of Office bearers are as follows RAJNEESH VERMA (Head Boy), MONICA HASSIJA (Head Girl), NITESH GUPTA (Asstt. Head Boy) SAPNA PATHAK (Asstt. Head Girl), PANKAJ PESWANI, PRASHANT JAIN (Jyoti House Prefect, Asstt. House Prefect), HARSHA WADHWANI, SUMERA AYAZ (Shakti House Prefect, Astt, House Prefect), ANAS KHAN, AAKASH VIJAYVERGIYA (Kirti House Prefect, Asstt. House Prefect), GULARA BAIG, BHAVYA GUPTA (Pragati House Prefect, Asstt. House Prefect). The School Ministry includes Discipline Minister- HINA MEHTA Deputy Ministre- MAYANK AGRAWAL, Education Minister- HINA KAUSER and Deputy Minister- ASHUTOSH SONI Cultural Minister- PRIYANKA GUPTA and Deputy Minister- KHUSBOO PAWAR, Sport Minister- ASHISH SHARMA Deputy Minister- ADITYA CHOUKSEY Editors- CHIEFEDITOR- HAFSA ZAMAR KIDWAI, and ASSISTANT EDITORS- FAIZAN AHMED, PRIYA PAHUJA, SHILPA MAKHIJA & MEGHA RAO Besides this the Class Monitors were also appointed.

School Principal Mr. Dolfi Monteiro conveyed his best wihses to the students on the occasion. The school choir recited shlokas and prayers which enthralled everyone. There was also a scintilating wester dance and folk dance performane School Secretary Mr. Sumeet Ponda explained the meaning and definition of democracy to the students. He added that the ceremony is a way to give responsibility to the students, leaders of tomorrow to achieve the common goal.

Mrs. Manjula Ponda emphasised that the Cabinet Members are leader and students should obey them. The Head- Boy of the school delivered the vote of thanks with a promise to fulfil all the duties and responsibility on behalf of the cabinet

The ceremony ended by giving a tribute to our nation in the form of National Anthem.


Independent Day Celebration


It was a grand day at Red Rose School, Berasia Road on the occasion of the 60th Independence Day on 15th August, 2007. It was a gala celebration. The students, teachers and staff members of Red Rose Group of Schools celebrated the 60th Independence Day with the sprit of patriotism towards motherland and great enthusiasm. The Guest of Honour for they occasion was the Foundress of the Red Rose Group of Schools, Mrs. Manjula Ponda and the Secretary Mr. Sumeet Ponda.

Mrs. Manjula Ponda unfurled the Tri-colour which heralded the beginning of the colourful programmes. It was the enchanting Lagaan Mix – Sun Mitwa, the enthralling Indian Folk Dance 'Chuk De' and the mind boggling Western and Indian Fusion Dance 'Cheering India' left everyone spell bound. Among the other attractions was the 'Patriotic Song' presentation by the Primary Section 'Kar Chale Hum Fida' and the secondary section 'Jahan Paon Me Payal' The patriotic theme based 'Poetry Presentation' 'Amar Shahido Ka Charan' by the school Head Boy Rajneesh Verma and the Prerak Prasang – which depicted the gallantry of our freedom fighters Jhansi Ki Rani and Avanti Bai.

The Chief Guest Mrs. Manjula Ponda addressed the August Gathering stressing on the responsibility of the

Youth of Today in chapping a brighter Happier India. The Secretary Mr. Ponda expressed of the greater visions and ideals to be followed in life to become better individuals and this in turn will ameliorate the world. Principal Mr. Dolphei Monteiro and Headmistress Gurinder Kaur also spoke on the occasion. The School Head Girl Monica Hassija in her speech expressed her views about the great sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the steps the youth should take to preserve the hard earned freedom the programme finally ended encurapping as with the patriotic fevour. The 15th August, 2007, turned out to be a day of introspection, retrospection, joy, fun and frolic.

Sweets distribution was done to the students of all the four branches of the group.


Teacher's Day Celebration


Teacher's Day — 5th September, 2007 was a gala celebration at Red Rose School, Berasia Road.

It was an enjoyable student Teacher get gather, which was market by a number of colourful programmes. The Guest of Honour for the occasion was the Fondress of Red Rose Group of Schools Mrs. Manjula Ponda and the Chief Guest Mr. Sumeet Ponda who enhanced the grace of the day. Mrs. Manjula Ponda heralded the beginning of the occasion by lighting the ceremonial lamp which was followed by the group song presentation as a musical reverence to our teachers 'Ye Sach He Ki Bhagwan Hain'. Among the other attraction were the folk dance 'Barso Re Megha', Western Dance 'Dhoom Macha Le' and the Western 'Fusion Dance'. The hilarious dramatic performance 'Coffee with Rajneesh' gave a humorous touch to the wonderful moment. The games set out for the teachers like 'passing the parcel' and 'Musical Ball' were full of entertainment. 'The Hidden Talents' was a show which brought out the other face of our teachers possessing higher capabilities and potentialities and wonderful talents. The Foundress Mrs. Manjula Ponda addressed the gathering sating the great responsibility of shaping the further generation by our teacher. The secretary in his address enlightened the students with the thought of respecting and honouring our National builders — Our Teachers and to follow their footsteps to become great individuals. The vote of thanks was delivered by the school Head Boy Rajneesh Verma.

The Teacher's Day turned out to be a grand event celebrated with fun and frolic adding a colour of joy in our lives and enlightening our heart and soul.


The Vibrent Youth - Annual Sports


Red Rose Schools of Trilanga, Karond and Berasia Road put up a scintillating show at their Annual Sports Meet on 11th & 12th January 2008 to celebrate, Lohri, Makarsankranti and Pongal. Mass PT's were showcased with precision and agility. Cheerful Charkas Soaring Kites and Straight Lines were specially spellbinding. A number of energetic cultural items were also put up. Messengers of Peace, Do Re Me Fa, Ye Din Bachpan Ke, Mharo Rajasthan, Lagaan Medley and I Love My India were some items which won great applause from the spectators.

The Guest of Honour Shri Aruneshwar Singh Deo was all praise for the discipline & sportsmanship shown by the students of all the three branches and wished the Red Rose Group of Schools all the best in their furture endeavors. The Founder and Chief Guest Mrs. Manjula Ponda gave away the prizes. The Trophies for Best Discipline & Promise of the Meet were awarded to Red Rose School Karond, the Trophies for Best March Past and Over all Champions went to Red Rose Trilanga branch and the Trophies for Best Cultural Programme and Best PT Display Red Rose Lambakheda was adjudged the Athletics Champions


Children's Day Celebration


The Red Rose School, Berasia Road, main branch organised "The Children's Day" programme on the 14th of November, 2007. Mrs. Manjula K Ponda who honoured the function as a Chief Guest lit the lamp. Among the members present were the principal Mr. Dolfei Monteiro, Mr. R. Savant Admn. Officer and Headmistress Deepa Kalia.

Teachers dedicated spectacular items such as beautiful Melodious songs, Short plays and skits and the most Rocking Bhangra Dance. Teracher's recalled back their memories down the lane, by reciting Nursery Rhymes "If You Are Happy – You Say Hello and Clap Your Hands"

A beautiful thought provoking skit was performed by the staff members on Double Income and a single child. It conveyed a message to their parents who prefer Nuclear family and make their children fearful and insecure. Children started moving their feet and Heads and rocked when teachers performed the Bhangra Dance.

Mrs. Manjula K Ponda distributed certificates and prizes to the winner of the Pot Decoration competition and gave vote of thanks of all teacher and students.


Dussehara & Eid Celebration


The Red Rose School organised a grand function on the occasion of Dusshera, Eid and Diwali. It was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. Garba Dance by 4th and 5th class girls won everyone's heart. A skit was staged on Lord Ram's Vanvas.

On 14th November, to mark this B'day of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India. Children's Day was celebrated in the Red Rose School. Bhangra dance was rocking. A skit "Single Child Double Income" performed by teachers did beautifully. Mrs. Manjula Ponda gave away certificates to the students.



Farewell Ceremony


Red Rose School, Berasia Road gave a wonderful farewell to the senior students of Std. XII on 19th Feb, 2008. The venue of the grand event was the Regional Science Centre Auditorium. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Founder of the Red Rose Group of Schools Mrs. Manjula Ponda. The juniors had put forth a beautiful show which comprised of western dance, Remix dance, songs and fun filled games. The School Life Time Achievement Awards went to Priyanka Gupta and Omika Sharma. The Winners of Disciplined Senior and Punctual Senior Awards were Heema Mehta and Harsh Wadhwani. The Bookworm Award was won by Hafsa Zameer Kidwai and the Award for the Most Helping Senior was bagged by Gulara Baig. The came the most awaited award category for Mr. and Miss Red Rose Rajneesh Verma won the title of Mr. Red Rose and Monia Hassija was honoured as Miss Red Rose. The title of Mr. Farewell was won by Pankaj Peswani and Miss Farewell was Palak Kushwani, Founder, Red Rose Group of schools Mrs. Manjula Ponda showered words of blessings emphasizing on the greater dreams and ambitions and values and higher aims which the students of Red Rose need to serve. The Principal, Red Rose School Berasia Road, Mr. Dolfie Monteiro in the address wished the students best of luck for all their future endeavors. Mementos were distributed to the seniors and the enthralling and enchanting farewell programme ended, with seniors leaving with a feeling of retrospection and feeling of nostalgia at the threshold of beginning a new phase of life.


A Visit to Vidhan sabha


Co-curricular Activities form a part of the Red Rose School curricular Red Rose School, Berasia Road Bhopal organised a 'Visit to Vidhan Sabha' for the students of Std. IX and X on 16th October, 2007. It aimed at acquainting the students about the functioning of the state Administrative Machinery that is the legislative council and Assembly and also the working of the Government at the state level. The study of Administrative affairs is a complex thing which is made easier by such visits.

The Bookish acquiring of knowledge must be accompanied with the practical aspect, only then can everlasting impressions be formed in student's minds. The visit to Vidhan Sabha was a wonderful experience for the students an unforgettable moment.


A Visit to Asara - An Old Age Home


Red Rose School, Berasia Road, Bhopal students made a visit to 'AASRA An Old-Age Home" and delivered the token of love and respect in the form of collections in kind made by students. The foundress of Red Rose Group of Schools and colleges Mrs. Manjula Ponda and Mr. Dolfie Monterio the Principal Red Rose School, Berasia Road accompanised the students. Speeches were delivered by the Fondress of the school Mrs. Manjula Ponda, the Principal and a representative of the Old-Age Home.

The student's song the hymn song (Bhajan). "Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena". It was a wonderful moment for the students where they won out the blessings of the old people who form a precious part of the society and render their infinite services for the mankind.


Plantation in Red Rose School


Red Rose Eco-club Berasia Road Branch organised plantation programme on 25th July, 2007, Wednesday. On this occasion Class 6th & 7th students planted Medicinal & Ornamental plants and some shaddy tress in School premises. Science teachers gave the importance of these plants to the students

Students took pledge to grow and protect the plants. Principal appreciated the efforts done by teachers and students.   


Shikshak Diwas Report



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