To the child, the world is full of mysteries and miracles. The child wants to play, sing, laugh, listen to stories, make drawings and watch objects by turning them around. Out child-centered education system will provides:

qualities to enable them to grow up as a disciplined, well adjusted and responsible citizen. Emphasis an self discipline and moral values is definitely a priority.



Teaching according to the CBSE syllabii, as prescribed by NCERT, in English Medium.

Proper coaching in sports, games, PT, picture stories, children's songs.

Emphasis on speaking in English.

Opportunities to develop in natural surroundings.

Useful knowledge of computer applications.

Creativity developing games.

Lovable, respecting, fear-free, interesting but disciplined class environment.

Understanding for Indian Culture through prayers, folk-songs, nursery rhymes, celebration of festivals, etc.

Enriching quality of life by covering morality, character, religion, patriotism, World brotherhood, respect, reverence to the saints & seers and devotion to the Almighty.






Streams / Subjects (XI & XII)




Min. 60% agg.
Min. 70% in Mathematics & 60% in Science according to High School Certificate.

Mathematics :


Hindi / Urdu






Min.60% agg.
Min. 65% in Science according to High School Certificat.

Biology :


Hindi / Urdu






Min.50% agg.
Min.55% in Mathematics according to High School Certificate.

Commerce :


Hindi / Urdu

Elem. of Commerce & Management

Book Keeping & Accountancy

Business Maths/App. Economics

& Commercial Geography


Career Counselling



The leisure houses of the students are utilised in useful discussion on employment opportunities so as to enable them to choose subjects of their choice and make preparations accordingly looking at the availability of various avenues in the country and overseas.








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