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Co-curricular activities play a major role in the training imparted at the School. They provide impetus for the development of the students' creative faculties and skills. The students learn by doing and participating in the activities, according the their aptitudes and area of interest. All the students are expected to take part in some of these activities. These include:



Paper Craft


Dance-Indian and Western



In addition to these, there are organised groups and societies engaged in promoting cultural activities such as:

Science Activity Council (SAC)

Music Club

Association of Literary Languages (ALL)

Arithmetic Club (AC)

Young Generation Commerce Association (VGCA)

Eco Club


In addition to these activities, there are organised groups and societies engaged in different activities such as :

Science Club

Environment Club

Literary & Cultural Club


Summer Courses

When most Schools close down for the summer vacation, Red Rose Lambakheda bustles with activity. The Hobby centres and Computer Centre are then in full swing. Now is the time when the students indulge in various vocational pursuits. Enough opportunity is provided to students round the year to unearth their latent talents and to bring out their best. A Handicrafts and Science Exhibition is held annually to display and encourage the creations of young hands and young minds.


Periodic Medical Care

The School arranges for regular medical check-ups by Child Specialists, Dentists and Eye/ENT specialists. A health record of each Child, showing his/her weight-wise, height wise and health-wise progress, is maintained.



The New Academic Session 2021-22 envisions the academic improvement and all round development of each and every child entrusted to us at Red Rose School. The School has world class infrastructure embedded with infinite possibilities for constructive learning and immersive experience to cater to the holistic development of each child.

Red Rose School, Lambakheda opens a new chapter by becoming the 'First and Only Sports School of Bhopal'. It has world class infrastructure within its huge campus, with qualified and dedicated mentors to guide and train the children with selfless zeal and to carve the best within them. Red Rose provides a focal point for sports at the grass root level with utmost care to ensure that Academics is not compromised at any cost and to develop the inherent potential within each child. With a wide range of daily activities, skill development programs and avenues to enrich their talents , we indulge into sincere 'action' before 'words'.

“Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meets”

With an amalgamation of specialized zones in the School Playground for different outdoor games, the School sets a new vision with a transformed outlook with Sports as its dominant appearance. The institution envisions and promises'Excellence in Academics with Sports'.

SPORTS are an integral part of learning during student life. It is a harbinger of several other positively associated traits which consciously or sub-consciously develops in a child while indulging in sports and games. To ensure some serious exercises and sports activities, the School has included a bouquet of sports for the children.

Available Sports:-Cricket, Football, Swimming, Taekwondo, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Judo and Skating.

Let's think different and set a bench-mark for our children to celebrate their victories.

The Future belongs to those who create it !!!


House System

The School is divided into four houses, viz., (i) Jyoti (ii) Pragati (iii) Shakti and (iv) Kirti. Each House, in turn, has its Sub-Junior, Junior, Intermediates, Sub-Senior and Senior segments. Each segment is under the charge of a House Master/Mistress with attached tutors. A healthy spirit of competition exists amongst the Houses. Trophies and individual prizes are award Led basis merit.

The Four Houses are :

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