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Pupils at Red Rose Schools gain much more than just the formal curriculum. They have a broader perspective of the World and learn to take on the World in a positive manner with great degree of ease. Red Rose Schools provide solid approach to learning.

Education is the most important and lasting experience, which parents can provide for their children and develop the child as an all round individual and equip him or her with appropriate skills and attitudes to be effective as an adult, in an increasingly changing, competitive and demanding global society.

Your child is at a turning point in his/her life when you are getting ready to select a School for him/her.

The School you eventually choose will exert a tremendous influence on his/her personal and intellectual growth, his/her career plans and ultimately, will shape his/her life in the years to come.

A complete education means education of the whole person. It is more than mere sharpening of intellectual abilities or strengthening of physical skills. It is commitment over time to the process of learning of being and becoming.

We want our students to be aware of themselves and the World around them. We believe that getting education also means learning to value good judgment, common sense and fair play.

The education pattern at Red Rose Schools has been inspired from the basics of character formation and the fact that a complete person can be a responsible citizen of the Nation.

Red Rose Group of Schools, therefore, aims at the integral personal formation of the young. To accomplish this, it endeavors to create an environment which generates a love of learning, habit of critical thought and accurate expression and the strength of character and the moral values needed for a life that is socially meaningful. To this end, special efforts are made:


To help the student attain maturity, morally, mentally, physically and character wise.

To motivate them to acquire excellence in every field.

To be clear and firm on principles, courageous and resolute in action.

To value and judiciously utilize their freedom.

To become active member in social changes and to selflessly serve the nation.

To instill in them, true National spirit, a deep love for the motherland and appreciation of Indian cultural values, language and things Indian and a keen civic and social sense.


The School doesn’t believe in quantitative measurement of education gained, but by the degree to which every student has exploited his/her potential. In other words, it is not the highest point our best students reach but the distance through which all our students move from the point where they start to the farthest reaches of their development.

In the development of their intelligence, emphasis is placed on the cultivation of creative, critical intellects so that the students are able to see, perceive, understand, discern and evaluate true life situations.

However, education is not merely the development of the mind but also of the heart’s feelings and emotions that the students are more aware, more alive to situations in which people live, especially the poor and the oppressed.

In the formation of character, emphasis is laid on the qualities of commitment, initiative, team-spirit, integrity, honesty, austerity, simplicity and service of others.

Red Rose Group of Schools, thus, aims at making its own contribution towards a transformation of the prevailing social cocoons so that the principles of social justice, quality of opportunity, genuine freedom and respect for social, religious and moral values enshrined in the Constitution of India may prevail and that all men live in keeping with their human way to educational thinking and innovative approaches to education.

The ideals enshrined in the Constitution of India and the trust envisaged for the new education policy of the government of India fully coincides with our concern for the poor and underprivileged.

What we are aiming at is an education that will integrate the various sections of society by providing more opportunities for good education to the weaker sections of society, which is the biggest and most effective single factor for equalization. This will prevent the country from being divided between the established and the marginalized classes, the rich and poor, those with power and influence and the powerless.

Increasing importance is laid on education and educational programmes aimed at this integrative, co-operative effort among students and their sharing and growing together. These values are diametrically opposed to the values of post-industrial society which emphasizes money and the profit-motive, competition and individual rights and disregard of other’s needs and rights. The School solicits active collaboration from students and parents as a condition for continuance in School.

A student in Red Rose Group of Schools is called upon:


To develop him/herself as a person;

To know how to live in a community harmoniously;

To be a motivation for others.


Therefore egoism, deceit, craze for possessions, a spirit of competition that takes advantage of the weakness of others have no room in our educational system.

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